Monday, August 8, 2011

Fighting for me!!

Well, Recently been feeling down, couldn't really point it out. But few days ago, I had a conversion with a close friend of mine. It was an eye opener.
The conversion pointed out that sometime when we get close to someone, our expectation of affirmation changes. Meaning, we turn away of who we really are and see ourselves through the eyes of that person. Let me give you an example. Situation A: You communicate all the time, very expressive. Yet, the other person sees that as demanding. The problem does not stop there. yet, it progress that person continues stating that you are demanding until you doubt yourself and despite explain your point of view, the answer will not change.  At this point you end up at a fork, either continue living as you. Or believing of the other view of yourself. Got that?? I know it is confusing me too.

Well, that is very tricky thing to do. Why, you asked: Because there is a thin fine line between knowing self, and living in denial, thinking that you are all that.

For one reason I am writing what my friend listed as my qualities saw in me. It is because when you doubt yourself sometime, we need affirmation of who are we. Sometimes we need to hear it and read it.

Loving, caring, eager to help and communicator.

The last advice given to me by my friend is: smile, because smiling is healthy... smiling can change the whole perspective of life and the way we look at ourselves.

Now, stop don't get me wrong. many my question me and wonder if my purpose of this post is to not to question ourselves and examine ourselves. That isn't the attention at all. My attention is be confident in who we are, and not allow anyone close or far to make you  think that you are someone else due to their view of you.

I am trying to gain my confidence back and remember who am I.